Humane Animal Removal

How To Ensure Humane Animal Removal

baby skunkWhen looking into hiring professional wildlife removal services in cases where
your own solutions are not working, it is important to find a service provider
that uses effective and humane practices in their removal processes. There are specific tools and materials that are meant for the safe trapping and removal of animals. If you are tolerant enough to perform the removal process yourself, ensure you get the correct tools to do it which will not endanger or harm the animal. If you opt to go for professional services, make sure you do thorough and proper research on the potential companies and look into their removal processes and terms and ensure they are ethical and humane before making that call. Here are a few tips on how to get a humane wildlife removal company.

Request for a site inspection and written estimate

This is important to allow one to have a one-on-one with the company since it would be difficult for the company to determine the job specifics and the price of the work via phone. The company may be able to provide an overview of normal fees of services they provide over the phone, however, it is better to have them come down to the site and conduct a site inspection as this will offer you a chance to ask the questions that matter. Any on-site inspection fees should apply to the contracted work. On the visit, ensure that the company clearly underlines the answers to your concerns and that you are on the same page with them. Let the company identify the specific animals that are in your location and assess their entry points as well as any other potential entry points. The company should also determine whether the animal has offspring in or around the structure. Ensure you are fully aware and involved in how the findings and conclusions come about.

Ask for specifics on how the animals will be handled

You will need to find out the details on how the animal is going to be removed and ensure there are safety measures put across to prevent any endangering of the animal. How the animal is treated is important as this will assure you that they are going to find proper shelter and care where they are taken.

Request for humane techniques

armadillo If the company you intend to hire does not mention the techniques they intend to use, subtly request that they guarantee the use of safe and humane strategies to remove the animal. For instance, if they are to remove an animal that has offspring, request them not to leave its offspring abandoned or orphaned.

Ask for prevention measures

Ensure that the company offers animal proofing services to prevent similarly or other animals from entering the structure again. Ensure that they identify all the access points of entry and block them with material that will prevent entry of wildlife. Prevention measures will help you protect your home or structure from the possibility of any more wild animals roaming within its environs.