Humane Animal Removal Tools

A All Animal Control With the world increasingly learning to understand and appreciate wildlife and their significance to nature, more people are learning to adapt to co-existing with animals peacefully and not endangering their lives in any way. Without the animals, the world would not be as attractive as it is, therefore it is important to take initiative to remove animals safely and humanely with the right tools when you need to remove them from your property. Animal removal doesn’t need to be a difficult or cumbersome process. There are many advanced safe tools that are now available for animal removal. Rodent control stores are easily accessible and sell safe tools that can be used to catch the animals without endangering their lives. These tools are mostly easy to handle, are harmless to the animal and do not need any poisoning to catch the animal.

In the case you need to hire professional services for the removal of the animal, it is important to select the right animal removal company which uses the right tools and methods that would not cause any harm or loss of life to the animal. Here are some of the tools for humane animal removal.

1. Catch pole/ Snare pole

One of the most popular animal handling tools is the catch pole. It is a long stick that has a noose at the end and is mainly used to capture and restrain the animals by placing the loop over the animal’s head and tightening the cable to restrain the animal. Some catchpoles are designed to give the animals breathing allowance to prevent them from suffocating. Some even have space that allows the animal to move around which prevents suffocation as well.
However, there are different catch poles to serve different purposes; some are designed with pins at the top and are used specifically for catching snakes with the pins to hold down the snake’s head while catching.

2. Buckets

Small plastic containers like buckets can also be used in capturing animals.
They can be used to trap the animals inside the house and then taken outside for release. It is, however, important to ensure that the animals are not exposed to any danger or harm once they are released outside or that the animals do not leave any threat of disease to humans behind once they are released. If any such threat is detected, one should take the animal for examination instead of release them.

3. Throw nets/ Hoop nets

rabbitThrow nets usually serve as a great means of handling animals in a humane way.
When using throw nets, one simply tosses it over the animal to restrain the animal’s further movements. Hoop nets, on the other hand, require being attached to poles to be used in scooping the animals. Both of such nets should be wide and spacious to ensure the animals are trapped and restrained in the net and cannot climb themselves out.

4. Cages

There are plenty of safe cages one can use to trap and remove animals. Most people use food in such cages but it is important to ensure that the food used is not poisonous or contaminated in any manner to prevent harming the animal or loss of life. Pet stores now have many non-poisonous food trappings which one can use to trap animals. The cages should be placed in convenient places where the animals can easily walk into them. After trapping the animals,
ensure you release them outside into the wild where they belong or take them to an animal orphanage center where they can be cared for.