Dealing With Wildlife

Tips On What To Do When You Spot Wildlife In Your Home

Wildlife animals are barely ever a threat to humans especially when they are handled with the necessary care. There is no need to worry or stress when you spot wildlife in the area, simply take precautionary measures to ensure the animal is unprovoked and calm. Here are a few tips on what to do to ensure your safety and that the animal is safely trapped and removed.

baby racoons

Alert other people

When necessary, inform those around you and ensure they take safety measures as well. Keep your small children attended to, this will prevent them from going outside without your knowledge and exposing themselves to potential harm. Keep the right professionals informed on the animal’s behavior and alert them in time so that they may be able to help.

Keep the home animal-proofed

Ensure any of the animal’s indulgence items are away from your home and avoid placing the garbage out until the morning pick-up. Ensure the garbage container lids are tightly secured to keep out the animals. Also, make sure your roof and dryer are well covered with good exclusion material and your gutters and downspouts are cleared of any debris. Your pet doors should also remain locked or removed especially in the evening.

Protect your property

Protecting your property means keeping the things that would attract wildlife away from your property. Be aware that things like bird baths and bird nests are some of the things that attract some wildlife and ensure you do not engage in them too often. Also, know that thick gardens and fruit trees will attract wildlife and that wildlife prefer to stay in hiding under dense ground covers and thick trees and shrubs so ensure your property has as much open space as possible to discourage wildlife from finding habitat around it. Also, avoid the use of poisonous chemicals outside in the grass or the plants to protect the wildlife as they are prone to using the grass and other plants in movements and hiding.